Bumper Book of Phonics Fun JL8417


Explore the Bumper Book of Phonics Fun JL8417, a fantastic resource filled with engaging activities to support letter sound teaching in a fun, multi-sensory way. Perfect for pre-schoolers, it offers abundant teaching ideas, book suggestions, crafts, songs, and more for letter sound learning.


The Bumper Book of Phonics Fun is a bumper resource packed full of ideas and activities designed to support the teaching of letter sounds in a fun, multi-sensory way.

Never run out of teaching ideas for your pre-schoolers again with this book by your side. Children can learn their letter sounds whilst investigating and enjoying the world around them.

The Bumper Books of Phonics Fun contains two double-page spreads for each of the 42 letter sounds. Each double-page spread has a plethora of activity ideas – including books to read, things to make, songs to listen to and recipes for cake – as well as word lists and all of the lyrics to the Jolly Songs, alongside their actions.

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