Jolly Jingles JL063 (in print letters)


Revise phonics sounds with excitement using Jolly Jingles JL063 (in print letters). This engaging resource offers a big book with 42 short songs, each representing a letter sound with actions and tunes. The accompanying CD features Canadian children singing the songs. Jolly Jingles provides a fun and interactive way for children to reinforce phonics learning in the classroom and can be read by children to further develop their reading skills.

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Jolly Jingles (in print letters) is a fun and interactive way for children to revise the sounds in the classroom.

A big book of 42 short songs for each sound showing the letter sound, action and tune. Accompanied by a CD with children from Canada singing the songs.

The Jingles can also be read by children to develop their reading skills.

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