Jolly Phonics Level 1, Paperback Readers Snake’s Amazing Tales JL194 (Precursive Letters)


Introduce young readers to the world of reading with Jolly Phonics Paperback Readers, Level 1 Snake’s Amazing Tales JL194 (Precursive Letters). This decodable book is the first of four levels, offering children the perfect start to their reading journey. Featuring engaging fiction stories like ‘The Rocket’ and ‘Monsters,’ the book includes comprehension questions, discussion activities, and guidance for parents. Children can practice their phonic skills and develop key reading abilities with words that are regularly spelled and can be sounded out using the 42 letter sounds taught in Jolly Phonics.


Jolly Phonics Level 1, Paperback Readers Snake’s Amazing Tales (in precursive letters) is the first of four levels of decodable books, providing the best start for children just starting to read. With three lively series in each level, children are able to practise their phonic skills while developing key reading skills.

The Rocket and Other Stories contains six engaging fiction stories and provides comprehension questions, discussion activities and guidance for parents. The stories in the book feature words that are spelled regularly, and can be sounded out with the 42 letter sounds first taught in Jolly Phonics. At every stage the words are within the reach of children as they use their letter sound knowledge and tricky words already taught. All the tricky words and letter sounds used are shown at the beginning of the book. Light type is used as a guide for any silent letters, such as /b/ in lamb.

Stories included in the book:

The Rocket
The Pond
The Wind and the Sun
Book Week

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