Jolly Phonics Resources CD JL42X


Get the Jolly Phonics Resources CD JL42X, a comprehensive compilation of Jolly Phonics resources. This CD is a valuable tool for teachers, providing a wide range of resources such as Jolly Phonics action sound pictures, templates for various activities, reward stickers and certificates, specific templates for speech therapists, word bank and dictation sentences, Jolly Phonics characters, Sassoon letters, letter formation practice sheets, posters of lower and upper case letters, tricky words, and the vowel forest. With this CD, teachers can create additional classroom materials, flash cards, worksheets, and more for class and homework use.


The Jolly Phonics Resources CD contains a comprehensive compilation of Jolly Phonics resources.

The CD can be used by teachers to create their own additional classroom materials from flash cards to worksheets for class and homework use.

Jolly Phonics action sound pictures
Extensive templates for different activities
Reward stickers and certificates
Specific templates for speech therapists to use
Word bank and dictation sentences
Colour and black & white images, plus the Jolly Phonics characters
Sassoon letters and letter formation practice sheets
Posters of lower and upper case letters
Tricky words and the vowel forest


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