Jolly Phonics Starter Kit Extended JL817 (in print letters)


Enhance phonics instruction with the Jolly Phonics Starter Kit Extended JL817 (in print letters). This popular kit includes essential teaching materials, such as The Phonics Handbook, Jolly Phonics DVD, wall frieze, letter sound strips, big books, word book, cards, posters, tricky word wall flowers, songs, and readers. Perfect for neat storage and easy access, this comprehensive kit supports teachers in providing engaging phonics lessons and setting children on a successful reading and writing journey.

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Our popular Jolly Phonics Starter Kit Extended (in print letters) provides further supporting materials for teaching children to read and write. All the items are contained in a bright carrying case for neat and easy storage.

The Extended Starter Kit contains :

– The Phonics Handbook
– Jolly Phonics DVD
– Jolly Phonics Wall Frieze
– Jolly Phonics Letter Sound Strips
– Finger Phonics Big Books 1-7
– Jolly Phonics Word Book
– Jolly Phonics Cards
– Jolly Phonics Alternative Spelling and Alphabet Posters
– Jolly Phonics Tricky Word Wall Flowers
– Jolly Songs
– Jolly Phonics Readers Level 1 – Complete Set (all 18 titles)
– Jolly Phonics Readers Level 2 – Complete Set (all 18 titles)

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