The Grammar 3 Handbook JL906 (in print letters)


The Grammar 3 Handbook JL906 (in print letters) is a comprehensive resource for teaching grammar, spelling, and punctuation to children aged 7+. With practical advice, step-by-step lesson plans, and engaging activities, this handbook covers a full year’s worth of lessons. It introduces new grammar elements while reinforcing concepts from The Grammar 1 and The Grammar 2 Handbooks. Teachers will find 36 structured grammar and punctuation lessons, 36 spelling lessons, and photocopiable worksheets for student practice. Create effective and enjoyable grammar lessons with The Grammar 3 Handbook.


The Grammar 3 Handbook (in print letters) follows on from The Grammar 2 Handbook. It provides a full year’s worth lessons for teaching grammar, spelling and punctuation to children aged 7+.

It provides:

Practical advice and ideas for teaching
Step-by-step lesson plans and notes for the teacher
Continues to introduce new grammar elements
36 structured grammar and punctuation lessons (1 lesson per week)
36 spelling lessons (1 lesson per week)
Revision and extension of The Grammar 2 Handbook
Photocopiable worksheets for children to complete
Fun actions for the grammar points

Topics covered include:

Revision of elements covered in The Grammar 1 & 2 Handbooks
New spelling patters – tch, dge, ure, gn, gh, ex, n for /ng/, s, se and ze for /z/, a for /ar/, y for /i/, a for /o/, ere for /air/, and eer and ere for /ear/
Suffixes -‘less’, ‘able’ and ‘ful’
Proper adjectives
Nouns acting as adjectives
Collective nouns Pronouns – possessive/subjective and object
The present particle and the continuous tenses
Subject and object in a sentence
Questions and exclamations in speech

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