The Grammar 6 Handbook JL739 (Print Letters)


Empower your 10+ year-olds with The Grammar 6 Handbook in print letters. This comprehensive resource builds on The Grammar 5 Handbook, offering a full year’s worth of grammar, spelling, and punctuation lessons. Engaging worksheets, practical advice, and step-by-step lesson plans provide a structured and fun learning experience.


The Grammar 6 Handbook (in print letters) follows on from The Grammar 5 Handbook. It provides a full year’s worth of lessons for teaching grammar, spelling and punctuation to children aged 10+.

It provides:

Practical advice and ideas for teaching
Step-by-step lesson plans and notes for the teacher
Continues to introduce new grammar elements
36 structured grammar or punctuation lessons (1 lesson per week)
36 spelling lessons (1 lesson per week)
Revision and extension of The Grammar 5 Handbook
Photocopiable worksheets for children to complete
Fun actions for the grammar points

Topics covered include:

Revision of elements covered in The Grammar 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Handbooks
Prefixes & suffixes, in particular numerical
Silent letters: bt, te, th
New spelling patterns/rules: ough
Schwas -ity & -ety
More alternatives: they, great, ballet, fete, straight for /ai/
New parts of speech: for example, countable and uncountable nouns, gerunds and modal verbs and imperatives
Further punctuation: using semi colons and colons or using a comma after a fronted adverbial
Developing a greater understanding of sentence structure and learning to recognise indirect objects, subject complements and passi

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